CM Punk Appears on the ‘The Talking Dead’ and rumors of a cameo on ‘The Walking Dead’.

WWE Champion CM Punk appeared on the AMC show “Talking Dead” this Sunday, a 30-minute discussion panel featuring actors and fans talking about the network’s hit zombie show “Walking Dead.”

CM Punk will be joined by “Community” actress/comedian Yvette Nicole Brown along with host Chris Hardwick.

Punk better be up to speed on The Walking Dead. The too cool for school routine won’t cut it when it comes to the weekly post show.

Watch Here

There has also been a huge buzz in social media that CM Punk may appear as a cameo in for AMC’s The Walking Dead at some point, as much as I feel this is unlikely, it would still be great! CM Punk teased on Twitter a few weeks ago that he would be making a guest appearance on a popular television show, but that he had to clear it with WWE before he could reveal what show that is. Word is that the show is The Walking Dead. Punk has repeatedly Tweeted that he’s a big fan of the show..

Really I think that’s just this Talking Dead program, I still highly doubt we will see a cameo from Punk

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