WWE ‘Not Impressed’ With Champion CM Punk

On Thursday morning, WWE champion CM Punk served as grand marshal for the annual Thanksgiving Day parade in Chicago.
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On Sunday, he will be appearing on “Talking Dead” on AMC to discuss its show, “Walking Dead.”

Whereas the WWE often sets up media appearances for its stars, Punk set up both appearances on his own. Now the WWE and Punk are upset with each other.

The WWE is furious that Punk went over its head to reel in his two appearances because it likes to control when and where each star goes.

It is said that Punk went out on his own because he felt that the WWE would have given both spots to other “company friendly” stars.

It is truly amazing that Punk has been the WWE champion for more than a year when you consider that he is about as “anti-establishment”as any WWE star of the last 20 years.

Punk’s view the last few months on TV has been that he is disrespected. The funny thing is it isn’t just part of the storyline. He legitimately feels that way. A prime example is that Punk’s likeness hasn’t appeared on any WrestleMania 29 material released thus far.

Does he have a point?

The WWE is champion is always featured on advertising for Mania.

Always, that is, until this year.

It was fitting that Punk wore a “Paul Heyman guy” shirt on Raw on Monday because Heyman is truly the poster child of “anti-establishment.”

Possibly the greatest wrestling mind in professional wrestling since he debuted with the NWA in the late1980s, Heyman has never been a “yes man.”

Punk is anything but a “yes man,” but maybe if the WWE had more of them, storylines wouldn’t be so stale.

CM Punk Confirms He Faces The Rock At The Royal Rumble

While serving as the Official Grand Marshal of McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade in Chicago, WWE Champion CM Punk was interviewed by a WGN reporter, who noted hearing that Punk will be wrestling The Rock soon. “Yes,” Punk said in response. He was then asked to give a Thanksgiving message for his upcoming opponent.

“The Rock knows he’s going to get hurt. And afterwards he’s going to go back to making movies and I’m going to go back to doing what I do, which is hurting other people,” said Punk.

Though an encounter between the two has been teased since the summer, it had not been confirmed. On the 1000th episode of Raw, The Rock announced that would he would face the WWE Champion at Royal Rumble.

Here is the Video that you guys might have already seen relating to Lita and CM Punk dating (she was at the parade too, obvoiusly)

Here are the rest of the Pictures from the Parade again (Just in case you weren’t interested in CM Punks dating life):

Are Lita (Amy Dumas) and CM Punk Still Dating – November 2012

For those of you who are still unsure if Lita and Punk are dating… Here is some snaps of  WWE Champion CM Punk and former WWE Diva Lita together at  Thursday’s Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in Chicago.

I get loads of searches thorough this site looking to find out if they are still together answer = Yes (Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes,Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes! Sorry D-Bry couldn’t resist it.)

Here’s the Video of the Parade 🙂

And he is the rest of the pictures of CM Punk at the parade:




When CM Punk delivered his game-changing promo at the end of a June 2011 episode of Raw, he made a point of wearing a Stone Cold Steve Austin T-shirt.  In interviews, the real-life Phil Brooks has expressed admiration for the Texas Rattlesnake, going so far as to cite him as one of his favourite all-time professional wrestlers.

Earlier this year, when Brooks tweeted a half-joking remark about wanting to face Chris Brown at WrestleMania 28, the R&B singer went nuts and falsely accused the Straight Edge Superstar of being a steroid abuser.  The current WWE Champion calmly responded with a brief online video denouncing Brown’s abusive nature and openly challenged the embattled singer to a real fight in the name of charity.  Brown, in a rare moment of wisdom, didn’t accept (Brooks never expected him to) and this silly Twitter war ended just as abruptly as it began.

This is specifically what Brooks…

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