CM Punk (1990-1999) Straight Edge & The Lunatic Wresting Federation

He follows what is known as a “straight edge” or tee-total lifestyle, which means he doesn’t drink alcohol, smoke or take any form of drugs, although he’s a self proclaimed Pepsi addict, which is reflected in one of his tattoos among others, such as “Straight Edge” on his stomach and “Drug Free” on his knuckles. He also has a homage to the late Chris Candido on his left hand reading “No Gimmicks Needed.” One of the main reasons he opted to live a clean life was because his father was an alcoholic and at high school he got in to the Hardcore Punk following, of which the band Minor Threat Preached the Straight Edge lifestyle. Thus ultimately led to his name being “Punk,” and because he looked like just some tattooed Punk you might see walking down the street.

Pictures of CM Punk in his teen’s including meeting Stone Cold Steve Austin.

He was raised by both parents despite strong tension from his father’s drink problems and has two sisters and a brother. Similar to the Hardys and OMEGA, CM Punk was such a big fan of wrestling that he took his passion to the backyard and began his own wrestling promotion Lunatic Wrestling Federation (LWF) with his brother Mike (ring name Mike Broox) among others. This eventually grew in to a garbage Indy promotion that ran out of a warehouse in Mokena, IL and the group did local spot shows, showcasing local talent and friends, although Punk has later called it “god awful.” This is where he officially got his name CM Punk, wrestling in the tag team the Chick Magnets with CM Venom and it’s amazingly stuck ever since, even in the WWE. Punk often makes light of his name saying it means Charles Montgomery, Charles Manson or Crooked Moonsault.

Lunatic Wresting Federation
Lunatic Wresting Federation

CM Punk was by far the most determined and professional out of the LWF roster and was devastated when he found out his brother Mike Broox was pocketing the money they’d worked hard to put in and and make with the small company. It is believed Mike embezzled thousands of dollars from the promotion and Punk, leading to a big fallout between the two. Mike hasn’t wrestled since.


  1. Some of this is bullshit.
    –Billy Whack, LWF

    • Can you enlighten us to which parts are bullshit?

      It would be very much appreciated, Cheers

  2. It wasn’t a “garbage” promotion, and actually ran from 1993-1996 (Backyard) and then went legit from 1997-2004. Broox did NOT embezzle “thousands of dollars”, and DID indeed wrestle for the promotion for several years after “The Split”. The LWF inspired a lot of guys in Chicago, and some of them still run promotions to this day. Truly a heyday for Chicago wrestling, and because Punk sits atop the media, he gets to rewrite history as he sees fit. Problem is: There’s hours and hours of footage, and people very close to the situation that could dispel rumors, tell stories and basically turn the whole situation upside down. 2013 would make it 20 years since the initial LWF started, and why SHOULDN’T we put out a DVD? Any further questions?

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