Can anyone explain how the survivor series 5 on 5 match makes sense now?

A week ago, the main event of Survivor Series was supposed to be Team Foley vs. Team Punk in a traditional 5-on-5 match that was headlined by CM Punk and Ryback on opposing squads.

This week on Raw, the WWE completely rearranged the card by announcing that Punk would now defend the WWE Championship in a Triple Threat match against Ryback and John Cena while also revealing that Team Punk would now be Team Ziggler and that The Miz (who quit the squad) would be replaced by Wade Barrett on what is now called Team Ziggler.

Confusing, huh? If anyone can explain how the survivor series 5 on 5 match makes sense now please?

Team Ziggler vs Team Foley (they have never had a problem with each other)

Miz quits Heymans team only for it not be Heymans team anymore ( dear god i am hoping that Miz is the 5th member of Team Foley otherwise what’s the point of him being on the poster…

Heyman owes Wade Barrett, but it is not even Heymans team anymore

This could be the worst survivor series in recent memory. The John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler angle has gone, The 5 on 5 has lost any meaning and the tag team and intercontinental titles which were starting to progress are tied up into it.

I think the WWE probably jumped the gun on announcing that Punk/Foley match, and now, it’s had to back-track to completely change up the Survivor Series card. That’s not a good sign.

If you don’t know what you’re doing from one week to the next, how can you know what you’re doing for the long-term?

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Will Paul Heyman Eventually Turn on CM Punk?

While Punk is with question a “Heyman guy,” a lot of people were puzzled by their alliance initially. Heyman has traditionally been used by the WWE to further guys who aren’t particularly good on the mic, such as Brock Lesnar, Big Show and Rob Van Dam. Punk is arguably the best in the business at cutting promos, though, so it was a case of the rich getting richer.

Punk has still been allowed to do the majority of the talking on his own with Heyman acting as a propaganda machine more than anything. The goal was to transition Punk from one of the most popular faces in the company to the biggest heel in a matter of weeks and Heyman’s constant yammering about Punk being the best in the world has been helpful in that regard.

With that said, Punk isn’t going to remain heel over the long term. Punk has proven to be very capable as a top heel, but his fanbase is still sizable. The real money is in Punk being a face, and he will revert to face status at some point. When he does, there is no question that his relationship with Heyman will come to an end.

Here’s Some Pictures of CM Punk and Heyman


Nope he didn’t lose the championship in a match but rumor has it Cm punk has had the the wwe championship stolen at an autograph signing in Belfast.

The WWE championship is worth nearly $1,000,000, and CM punk will have to wear a replica belt until a new WWE championship is made or the original belt has been returned! What can we make of this?

1. its total crap, the belt was never stolen
2. its real and nothing will ever be heard about it again

3. Its a angle in which CM Punk finally get the belt changed (Heyman tried to screw him over by stealing it…. I dunno)


CM Punk - Stolen WWE Championship CM Punk - Stolen WWE Championship CM Punk - Stolen WWE Championship CM Punk - Stolen WWE Championship CM Punk - Stolen WWE Championship CM Punk - Stolen WWE Championship CM Punk - Stolen WWE Championship

CM Punk – Stolen WWE Championship

Brad Maddox push? Could WWE make something of this? Ryback to be beaten Again?

It only took them a week to do so but WWE finally addressed the whole Brad Maddox dirty-ref thing and I’ll say upfront that I’m a fan of the angle they decided to run with. This entire time that Maddox had some sort of spotlight, I have been wondering exactly how this would transition him into his actual in-ring career. I have to say this choice of story line makes it easier for Maddox to transition into ring competition as we learned that Vince will give him a contract if he can defeat Ryback on Monday. Now, I don’t believe WWE is willing to have Brad beat Ryback the guy has been pushed and pushed lately. However WWE could be feeling Ryback should be taken down a peg so to speak so fan feel he is facing genuine competition. I’m sure Vince can find another fold where Ryback remains undefeated but Maddox still ends up in the company.

Or, of course, WWE says “screw it” and Brad loses, disappears and returns a year later under a new look and name. That would suck.

Here a video of Maddox crossing paths with Ryback In OVW, its not much WWE released it to boost Rybacks beast look!