CM Punk Undergoing X-Rays

WWE Champion CM Punk tweeted a message on indicating that he might be injured.

“I am getting X-rays. Thought you should know. @davemeltzerWON #scoop”

Does this have anything to do with punk limping around last night on Raw. Will this be using as an angle for CM Punk to drop the title to Ryback at TLC? Nahhh.

Lets just hope this isn’t too serious.

Daniel Bryan Should Have Faced CM Punk

Last Night On Raw WWE had a raw active vote on who should face champion CM Punk

Daniel Bryan or Kane… Now to me I thought this was great another Punk Vs. Bryan macth great! and it will finally show Daniel Bryan is not the weak link and he is being very very underplayed almost hidden away from the fact he is of world champion quality. Not that I don’t like Team Hell No, their segments a brilliant.

However this was not the case, Kane one? Okay I thought this might be close due to D-Bryan being played down but not lose?

However turns out I was right… Daniel Bryan actually won the RAW Active poll to determine who would wrestle CM Punk in the main event of the Monday’s Raw according to Hashtagbattle. #WWEBryan had 585 tweets, while #WWEKane had 408 tweets. In response, Bryan posted the following on Twitter:

“Hmmm… I smell corruption! “This week: #WWEBryan 585 – 408 #WWEKane via @hashtagbattle”


Now I know storyline… battle for supremacy between Team Hell No but I was genuinely shocked that this happened even if Kane really won the battle for the votes.

Also, Daniel Bryan and Ray Misterio was still great.


When CM Punk delivered his game-changing promo at the end of a June 2011 episode of Raw, he made a point of wearing a Stone Cold Steve Austin T-shirt.  In interviews, the real-life Phil Brooks has expressed admiration for the Texas Rattlesnake, going so far as to cite him as one of his favourite all-time professional wrestlers.

Earlier this year, when Brooks tweeted a half-joking remark about wanting to face Chris Brown at WrestleMania 28, the R&B singer went nuts and falsely accused the Straight Edge Superstar of being a steroid abuser.  The current WWE Champion calmly responded with a brief online video denouncing Brown’s abusive nature and openly challenged the embattled singer to a real fight in the name of charity.  Brown, in a rare moment of wisdom, didn’t accept (Brooks never expected him to) and this silly Twitter war ended just as abruptly as it began.

This is specifically what Brooks…

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WWE Rumors: Mick Foley Set to Wrestle CM Punk at December’s TLC PPV?

WWE: TLC (Tables, Ladders and Chairs) is set for the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on December 16. Rumors are flying that the WWE has a plan that could please the New York crowd: Mick Foley. WWE legend could be returning to the ring to face WWE Champion CM Punk as part of the December pay-per-view.

From the report:

“The TLC PPV is set for the Barclays Center in Foley’s home New York market, and Foley began a program with Punk last week on Raw. It would also bridge the gap from TLC to the next PPV, Royal Rumble. Punk would face one WWE Legend, Foley, before facing another Legend, The Rock.”

Mick Foley is generally well received by WWE audiences all over the world, but the support he receives in New York would be overwhelming. The TLC gimmick matches would mask allow Foley, 47-years-old and retired from in-ring competition, to have an entertaining brawl with one of the WWE’s best.

Of the potential gimmick matches offered at a TLC pay-per-view, a Tables Match would likely provide the fans with the best entertainment and would give Foley a chance to shine.

This would also be a great win for WWE Champion CM Punk as he heads towards a potential collision with The Rock at Phoenix’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view in January. Punk has emerged as the best heel of this generation, and defeating the lovably Foley would add to that legacy. Plus, The Rock and Mick Foley have a long history together, which would fuel the Royal Rumble WWE Championship match.

Personally, this could be the best option that the WWE has for this pay-per-view. Feeding Ryback to Punk at TLC would be a waste of the young superstar’s build. John Cena has faced CM Punk numerous times over the past year-and-a-half, and neither man benefits from a TLC match up.

Elevating any other superstar is a great idea in theory, but their build would be lost in the shuffle as we approach the “Road to WrestleMania.”

The one negative aspect of this match is the typical “retirement” complaints that would be directed towards Foley. While Mick Foley is retired from in-ring competition, no one would mistake this match for a full-time return. It would, however, be a great part of his legacy and the legacy being built by CM Punk.

Another factor to consider is the potential for Mick Foley to be a 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee. Wrestling Inc. recently  said that Foley is the only inductee that is even remotely confirmed for the 2013 ceremony that will take place at the world famous Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Well I guess the main question is should it happen… Yes, yes it should!

Here’s some more Punk/Foley Pics


Well I already did the Is Lita the Best (Female) In the World


BUT.. there is still this buzz about AJ lingering over CM Punks Character and to be honest I cant think over a better way for the two of them to meet in a match!

I think its pretty obvious who would be the favored victor of the match but this could run as a proper Diva Feud!

Internet Poll:

But still!! Anything with CM Punk connected is probably going to get over with the fans, just look as Cena and AJ, Cena the wwe’s biggest star cant get that storyline over!

We also know AJ Lee would be pretty cuffed about getting to work with Lita, she was a big fan and rightly so check out this video of AJ crying when meeting Lita in 2001

Pictures of CM Punk thinks this match is a real WWE money making and highly watchable storyline!

PS. Have a look at more earlier AJ Stuff!

CM Punk on the presidential election

WWE Champion CM Punk recently asked in an interview with Streetz Sportz Reportz to answer how the race for the U.S. presidency should end. CM Punk said that he couldn’t understand how anyone could vote for Mitt Romney, he added that he supported President Barack Obama for the next four years.

Well done Punk, you chose right 🙂

Information on WWE The Best of Raw and SmackDown 2012

WWE has announced that on 29 January 2013 for sale on DVD and Blu-Ray hits “The Best of Raw and SmackDown 2012” which, of course, will not miss CM Punk. DVDs will last a total of 11 hours, and the disc does not run out of moments such as the return of Brock Lesnar return or D-Generation X in 1000 episode of Monday Night Raw. Soon there will be more info on this DVD, I will try to keep you guys informed.


CM Punk: Collection of odd Logo and Background Images

Here are a few logo and backgrounds of WWE Champion CM Punk, I have noticed that the other section of Logo’s seems to bring in the website views so this is just a sneaky way of bumping them up a little, I just hit over 100 views a day.

Okay well enjoy these, and have a look around the site 🙂


Nope he didn’t lose the championship in a match but rumor has it Cm punk has had the the wwe championship stolen at an autograph signing in Belfast.

The WWE championship is worth nearly $1,000,000, and CM punk will have to wear a replica belt until a new WWE championship is made or the original belt has been returned! What can we make of this?

1. its total crap, the belt was never stolen
2. its real and nothing will ever be heard about it again

3. Its a angle in which CM Punk finally get the belt changed (Heyman tried to screw him over by stealing it…. I dunno)


CM Punk - Stolen WWE Championship CM Punk - Stolen WWE Championship CM Punk - Stolen WWE Championship CM Punk - Stolen WWE Championship CM Punk - Stolen WWE Championship CM Punk - Stolen WWE Championship CM Punk - Stolen WWE Championship

CM Punk – Stolen WWE Championship

Spolier: Hell in the Cell Opponent reports that John Cena has another medical evaluation scheduled for Monday and that’s when they will confirm his status for the Hell In a Cell pay-per-view. Several different booking scenarios have been discussed over the past few days.

In a possible spoiler, CM Punk cut a promo at the beginning of last night’ WWE Supershow in Jonesboro, Arkansas and told fans that he would be defending the WWE Title against Cena at Hell In a Cell.

You know it makes sense, WWE like streaks Rybacks unbeaten record and Punk holding the title for a year is not going to change!



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