AJ and CM Punk: Still being talked about…

I am a little shocked at the views of some fans still talking about CM Punk and AJ.

1. This Storyline seems to be completely droped

2. We now have Cena AJ scandal so surely the whole, AJ Punk is gone

3.  AJ was never really with Punk, as it was a love triangle storyline with Kane, Daniel Bryan and AJ and Punk

Some of the articles that I have read seem to be  hinting on the side of the AJ scandal somehow involving punk and magically swinging back to punk making it like AJ and CM Punk were always together…. yeah.

Also there seems to be a lot of fan heat between AJ (Previous Storyline Relationship) and Lita (Punks current real life relationship)

However I would love a match between these two to happen, Lita is the best diva ever.

In short there still seems to be a significant want from the WWE Universe for CM Punk and AJ to continue as a storyline. WHY?

Here’s Some Picture’s of Punk and AJ,

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