Will Paul Heyman Eventually Turn on CM Punk?

While Punk is with question a “Heyman guy,” a lot of people were puzzled by their alliance initially. Heyman has traditionally been used by the WWE to further guys who aren’t particularly good on the mic, such as Brock Lesnar, Big Show and Rob Van Dam. Punk is arguably the best in the business at cutting promos, though, so it was a case of the rich getting richer.

Punk has still been allowed to do the majority of the talking on his own with Heyman acting as a propaganda machine more than anything. The goal was to transition Punk from one of the most popular faces in the company to the biggest heel in a matter of weeks and Heyman’s constant yammering about Punk being the best in the world has been helpful in that regard.

With that said, Punk isn’t going to remain heel over the long term. Punk has proven to be very capable as a top heel, but his fanbase is still sizable. The real money is in Punk being a face, and he will revert to face status at some point. When he does, there is no question that his relationship with Heyman will come to an end.

Here’s Some Pictures of CM Punk and Heyman


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