Brad Maddox push? Could WWE make something of this? Ryback to be beaten Again?

It only took them a week to do so but WWE finally addressed the whole Brad Maddox dirty-ref thing and I’ll say upfront that I’m a fan of the angle they decided to run with. This entire time that Maddox had some sort of spotlight, I have been wondering exactly how this would transition him into his actual in-ring career. I have to say this choice of story line makes it easier for Maddox to transition into ring competition as we learned that Vince will give him a contract if he can defeat Ryback on Monday. Now, I don’t believe WWE is willing to have Brad beat Ryback the guy has been pushed and pushed lately. However WWE could be feeling Ryback should be taken down a peg so to speak so fan feel he is facing genuine competition. I’m sure Vince can find another fold where Ryback remains undefeated but Maddox still ends up in the company.

Or, of course, WWE says “screw it” and Brad loses, disappears and returns a year later under a new look and name. That would suck.

Here a video of Maddox crossing paths with Ryback In OVW, its not much WWE released it to boost Rybacks beast look!

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