I Was Wrong! Ryback at Hell In A Cell!

We now know John Cena isn’t healthy enough to have a match with CM Punk at Hell in a Cell. His elbow surgery revealed worse damage than originally thought meaning he is missing hell in a cell!

At the contract signing on the Oct. 15 edition of Raw — with Mr. McMahon and Paul Heyman looking on — Cena declared Punk would be haunted by three words in the coming weeks: “Feed me more!” Then, with the WWE Universe whipped into a frenzy, and before the ink could dry on the contract, Ryback slammed Punk’s head onto the contract table and Shell Shocked the stunned champion. With that exclamation point, Ryback has clearly drawn a line in the sand between him and his Hell in a Cell opponent.

Will Ryback’s path of destruction be enough to carry him through the first official title match of his career, which happens to be against the most important titleholder in the land, WWE Champion Punk? Ryback has warned that he is a shark swimming with dolphins, but will the same be true when he faces the biggest test of his young career?

The interesting dilemma for WWE is Ryback is built solely on his undefeated run and the fact that he’s run through nearly every opponent. Because there’s no chance he’s leaving with the belt at Hell in a Cell, how will the promotion handle the booking here?

Ryback is either gonna lose for the very first time (ending a somewhat credible winning streak) or he’s gonna win and become a premature undeserving champion.

A dark day… but he’s not gonna win though, right? Right?

Ryback Vs. CM Punk

Ryback Vs. CM Punk


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