So did CM Punk really blade?

Basically I’m writing this in  relation to my previous post. I never thought that CM Punk would blade, not in the PG Era.

The match between Punk  and Lawler was set as a raw active match in a steel cage. With CM Punk delivering most of the offense to a prone Lawler. Punk seemed to hardly exert himself versus the aged veteran, at one point even taunting the King by singing. Suddenly, it happened. Lawler threw Punk into the side of the cage head first; Punk lifted his head and his face was covered in blood. The PG era seemed to momentarily suspend itself. Michael Cole and Josh Matthews made no mention of the incident, and referee Charles Robinson did not stop the match. Punk simply wiped his face with his wrist tape and continued the assault on Lawler. It was bizarre to see the WWE champion get color in a TV match against an opponent in his 60’s whose current role is that of a color commentator. It made many fans wonder whether Punk had truly hit his head, or whether he had bladed, an act that is absolutely prohibited in today’s WWE.

Here is the quote and that says:

“It was a move that we used to see every week but rarely see on WWE TV these days. WWE Champion CM Punk reportedly bladed on this week’s RAW in the steel cage match against Jerry Lawler. Punk appeared to gig his forehead before returning to the cage a second time and then appeared to hand the blade off to referee Charles Robinson.

According to F4WOnline, there appears to be no fallout backstage – meaning Punk has more power than imagined or he successfully argued that he did not blade and that it was a hardway cut. Blading is absolutely prohibited in WWE these days.”

Within 24 hours, the dirt sheets were all over the incident, certain that Punk had gigged his forehead. Punk himself did nothing to quell the rumors, Tweeting that he has “more power” than anyone could imagine, even posting a picture of the eight staples he received as a result of the injury. Articles regarding the incident were accompanied by video clips supposedly showing Punk cutting his forehead as Lawler is rushing him into the side of the cage again. Some claimed that CM Punk has achieved such power in backstage politics that he was able to get away with blading.
Here is the still of CM Punks “Blade”

CM Punk - blades

CM Punk – blades


However, I believe this to be completely false and of course the cut did come from the cage.

Why would he bother to use a blade against Lawler?
Why would he risk the fine in the match?
The timing is wrong.

I did find it supect that the refferee Charles Robinson was fined but that turned out to be a joke from CM Punk on Twitter and if he did get fined its likely because Robinson did not stop the match after Punk began to bleed so much. I did like to see the blood though 🙂

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