CM Punk: 1000th Episode Heel Turn… Not Bothered!

So for weeks, the build up to 1000th Raw had been made into a momentous occasion. While it was fun seeing the old faces for a little reunion, something big needed to happen for the show itself to be memoriable and lead into a exciting angle to lay out through out the summer. With much speculation in what this big angle is going to happen, it was WWE champion CM Punk ‘turning his back on the fans’ attacking The Great One and thus presumably turning heel.

The actual transaction is very popular amongst the fans, Everyone has been craving for Punk to go back to his old self as the complaints for his stale face promos were increasing by the numbers. However the after effect on the whole picture of a heel Punk isn’t all that exciting for several reasons.

Let’s face it, Everyone wanted to see a Cena heel turn, including me. Taking aside all the consequences to the business like merchendise sales and going against his ethos, A Cena heel turn would’ve been one of the most shocking things ever. Most fans who don’t use the Internet would’ve never seen it coming and that this moment would’ve been etched in their heads forever. When these fans grow up and think about memorable Raw moments they’ll talk the night the great Cena turned heel, very much like the Hogan heel turn that most wrestling fans saviour.

WWE has opted out of making that risky move and have gone with the safe easy option in turning CM Punk heel. That’s the problem with WWE now is that they don’t take risks, they stopped Ryders push, they haven’t made Ziggler leave Vickie, they never let Cena get beat by Lesner, they teased a new heel but went with the basic Big Show monster character, the list is endless.

So now that Punk turning heel is the major angle WWE have gone with for this summer, how will it all pan out? Well for starters, the pros of Punk turning heel are that 1) From what we’ve seen in the past, Punk is an excellent heel. His excellent mic skills allow him to express his comedic wit in an all out rage when degrading an opponent. The innovator of the Pipe Bomb, famous for breaking the 4th wall promos, now Punk will be able to literally whatever he likes and that should bring the Punk everyone first loved. And 2) WWE is in need of a major heel that draws. Jericho was probably the biggest heel but him not winning anything after the hyped up return has turned him a bit stagnant. I hope that he does return to Raw once again as Zigglers win to end his contract was no way for the legend of Jericho to go out! Show is just doing some typical monster punch everyone because I’m a meanie etc. So Punk has got the popularity and measures to be an effective heel and he will because he is the best in the world.

However what goes against the heel turn is that: How will the fans react to a baddy Punk, the guy is so popular now that if he carries on with the Anti Hero stuff, he can only get more popular. The amount of fans booing him will depend in which direction he decides to take, if it’s the ripping apart backstage politics stuff, not caring about anything he says, reminiscent of an Anti-Hero then I’m pretty sure that we’ll have a ‘Tweener’ in our hands. It could be possible that he’ll become a cheating type heel which will get heat from fans but somehow I don’t see that happening. Whatever the character aspect he takes, it’s looking to be a Cena v Punk feud again. Which brings me to my point of the prospect of this being the summer of Punk’s heel turn isn’t that significant.

Cena Vs. Punk Forever?

Pictures of Cm punk vs john cena

Pictures of Cm punk vs john_cena

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