Eddie Guerrero advice for CM Punk and Punks Tribute


punk VS. eddie

punk VS. eddie

“Eddie Guerrero gave me the best advice: It’s not about moves. It’s not what you do, it’s when you do it. He got me listening to the people. He taught me the invaluable lesson of before the show starts and when they drop the lights, that’s the first time the crowd’s going to erupt. They always erupt. They drop the lights and, ‘Oh! Good. The shows starting.’

“You get that little smatter of applause and cheers and excitement and electricity in the air. I do that every night and I listen. If it’s a loud, shrieking kind of noise, it’s predominantly women and little kids. If it’s a little bit of a roar, I know I’m working for guys my age — that 18-35 demographic.”

Pictures of CM Punk and Guerrero together.

Punks Tribute Video Vs. Del Rio

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